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We specialise in expert construction, Complete building maintenance in South Auckland, and project management services for commercial and industrial renovation development including office fit outs around Auckland. Mike Ross Building Maintenance offers you everything you need to keep your building or premises in peak working condition, including:

  • Maintenance check and planning
  • Repairs of all types, including building, electrical, and plumbing
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Installation (counters, fixed furniture, partitions, showers, etc)
  • Painting and decoration
  • Interior design
  • Refurbishment and renovation
  • Project management including coordination of our building team and all sub-trades


Planned Preventative Maintenance

Mike Ross Building Maintenance provides a building specific, complete building maintenance in Otahuhu, cost effective and efficient planned preventative maintenance inspection and report programme, which will detail the on-going building maintenance obligations for your commercial property. The programme can be tailor made to suit your requirements and will generally consist of regular property inspections at intervals ranging from 3, 6, 9, or 12 monthly

We offer complete specialist design development, commercial building renovations in Auckland, manufacture and fixing service; ranging from structural Carpentry maintenance and high specification joinery. Our service extends further than simply timber-based products, including metalwork items, architectural gates, and privacy partitions.

Working with our established supply chain, we are pleased to offer the following work packages:

  • Structural timber framing
  • Truss roof and flooring members
  • Timber and/or metal stud partitions
  • Doors and jambs
  • Architraves, Window Sills, Pelmets & trims
  • Skirting
  • Door hardware
  • Sanitary hardware
  • Pressed metal door frames
  • Fire rated doors
  • Gib and plastering
  • Feature timber lining and flooring
  • Re-production timber moulding & trims
  • Timber windows
  • Whiteboards and Pinboards
  • Timber staircases

We are constantly asked if we can provide building maintenance in Auckland and other certain tasks that are not listed above and we are happy to be of assistance with works that complement what we already do.

Pressure and Chem-washing

Industrial Cleaning Services

Factory and Plant Maintenance Cleans and Support Services:

  • High level cleans
  • Machinery and Plant Cleaning
  • Production Line Cleaning
  • Driveways carparks
  • Planned Maintenance Cleaning
  • Confined Space Work
  • Locker Room and Amenity Maintenance
  • Wash Station, Aisle and Walkway Cleaning Outage and Shutdown Cleans
  • High Level Cleaning of Steelwork
  • High Level Cleaning of Steelwork, and Roof Areas
  • Structural and Cladding Cleaning
  • Window, Louvre, and High Level Vent Cleaning
  • Boiler Works
  • Canteen and Kitchen Deep cleans

High Cleaning

General cleaning contractors clean to a maximum height of two meters, Mike Ross Building Maintenance provides commercial building renovations in Auckland, and a service to clean internally and externally up to any height. From inlet and outlet vents in ceilings to exposed cable trays and ducting, exposed rafters and beams, fire, and water risers.

Building Wash

Regular washing of your building and building maintenance in Auckland will prolong your paintwork, reducing the maintenance from the effects of salt and airborne pollutants. Chemical washing and anti-mould treatments are carried out to Council bylaws.

Roof and Building Cleaning ​

At Mike Ross Building Maintenance we cannot stress enough the importance of regular roof cleaning. Auckland’s humid climate means that roofs are highly susceptible to biological growth, such as moss, mould/Lichen, etc. which eat away at the surface causing irreversible damage to your roof. That’s why for the best professional roof cleaning and roof maintenance has to offer, come Mike Ross Building Maintenance. We offer roof spraying and cleaning services for commercial and industrial buildings across Auckland.

Since fungi and lichen can use almost any material for food, they can colonise all over your building, and especially on your roof. These growths degrade the exterior of the roof by eating through coatings and leaving surfaces exposed to the elements, this will eventually lead to leaks and permanent damage – and it might not be restricted to just the roof as leaks can cause significant problems too.

Roof Cleaning​

Increase the durability and life of your roof

Keeping your roof clean and commercial building renovations in Auckland is a must – it’s an integral part of your building!

Building Wash Services can offer you two options for getting the best cleaning result for your roof.

  • Option 1– Water blasting, a complete clean with lichen removal
  • Option 2– Spray and Leave application of our BWS bio-cleaner, which is a slow acting product that gets deep into contaminants for an effective result.

The roof is the least accessible and inspected area of a building. A roof that is left unwashed will ultimately cause leaks around blocked gutters, air conditioning units, roof joins, skylights, and venting pipes. Thus leading to serve roof corrosion and ultimately requiring replacement. Your roof requires regular cleaning to increase its durability.

Mike Ross Building Maintenance roof wash includes complete building maintenance in Glendene and all gutters and downpipes. 

When requested, we can provide photos of before and after, and we will inform you of any areas that require maintenance.

On completion of the wash, your roof can be treated with an algae spray to protect your clean roof from unwanted algae re-growth.

Contact us today for your free roof cleaning quotation.

Building Maintenance ​

We are committed to delivering our customers with the highest quality workmanship and building maintenance at a cost effective price

  • We will inspect your roof
  • And give you a FREE quote
  • No jobs too big or too small for

Mike Ross Building Maintenance

Our experienced team can take care of all your roof repairs, restoration, replacement, and building maintenance

Wide Range of Services 

  • Moss mould control – Chemwash and Moss kill
  • Water blasting – Full roof and building water blasting
  • Roof leaks – Inspecting, locating, and sealing leaks
  • Roof repairs – Identifying the damaged area and taking necessary steps to repair
  • Reroofing – commercial coloursteel, zincalume and galvanized roofing
  • Roof restoration – To repair paint and restore a roof
  • Spouting – Internal/External Repairs and replacement

Free consultations and Proposals

Mike Ross Building Maintenance offers commercial building renovations, and FREE consultations and Proposals. A clean building protects your investment and also says a lot about your company. You can reduce unnecessary maintenance bills by making sure that your buildings are washed regularly and correctly. An annual building wash is vital to protect the exterior surfaces from the elements.

Mike Ross Building Maintenance has access to mobile water blasters for your every need. From driveways and paths to billboard signs.

We have Rope Access Operators (Abseilers) that can do any water blasting job required for any high access. Hot blaster cleaning also available.

The build-up of dust can provide displeasing aesthetics to the office interior, continual build up may result in debris falling on staff and visitors along with a potential breeding ground for bugs not to mention fire risk.

In many environments, there is the possibility of product contamination from falling debris, in certain production environments, the debris that is building up maybe combustible, thereby posing a fire risk.

Work is performed from either Elevated Work Platforms, scaffold, and where necessary abseiling.

All our contractors hold the required qualifications to Work At Heights and on Elevated Work Platforms. Mike Ross Building Maintenance can also perform commercial building renovations in Auckland, and similar work in confined space, from Silo Cleaning, to service ducts, and lift shafts.

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